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Solo Leveling (Original Series Soundtrack) by Hiroyuki SAWANO

Solo Leveling (Original Series Soundtrack) by Hiroyuki SAWANO

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Preorder Date: September 2024

Level up your listening experience with the Solo Leveling (Original Series Soundtrack) by Hiroyuki SAWANO. This double LP features mesmerizing translucent blue vinyl, drawing you into the pulse-pounding journey of Jinwoo Sung as he navigates dangerous dungeons and embarks on his quest for strength. The LP includes the epic instrumental score pieces, such as the success "[Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.8", alongside the hit songs featured in the show like "DARK ARIA" and "4eVR”.The US Wide Edition features a striking gatefold jacket and 12” insert with exclusive artwork from the show. This LP offers a taste of Jinwoo's epic journey, making it a must-have for any fan of "Solo Leveling”.


A    1          DARK ARIA
A    2          [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.1
A    3          [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.2
A    4          [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.3
A    5          [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.4
B    1          [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.5
B    2          [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.6
B    3          [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.7
B    4          [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.8
B    5          [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.9
A    1          [Solo-Leveling]SymphonicSuite-Lv.10
A    2          DunGeoN
A    3          KSK GATE
A    4          Hunter Monster
A    5          Am Km
B    1          everydayLV.0
B    2          aikari
B    3          onlyORE
B    4          4eVR

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