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Milan Records - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many copies can I buy at one time?
    • To ensure a fair marketplace for all our valued customers, we limit each item to 3 copies per order. The item limits are applicable to any vinyl and cassette formatted title. Any order that crosses these limits will be cancelled.
  • How can I reach out with a question regarding my order?
    • Please send all questions and inquiries to If you are asking about a specific order, please include the order number, if known.
  • I am not able to complete my purchase with my shipping address.
    • Due to recent tax code changes, we are unable to provide shipments to the UK and countries/regions within the European Union. Our apologies for any inconveniences or confusion. If your address is outside of these regions and you are still encountering order confirmation issues, please email for further assistance.
  • My item arrived damaged, what should I do next?
  • I have moved and I need to adjust my shipping address.
    • Please reach out to with your order number and the new address you would like to use. Shipping information can be adjusted at any point prior to shipment and cannot be adjusted once the order has shipped.