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Ghost of Tsushima: Music from Iki Island & Legends - Vinyl LP

Ghost of Tsushima: Music from Iki Island & Legends - Vinyl LP

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With Tsushima on the brink of destruction, Jin Sakai must sacrifice everything to defeat the ruthless Mongol invaders and protect what’s left of his home and people. As he embarks on an epic adventure for the freedom of Tsushima, he is forced to set aside samurai traditions and become a new kind of warrior.

Ghost of Tsushima: Music from Iki Island & Legends builds on the groundbreaking soundtrack to Ghost of Tsushima, the third-person adventure game by Sucker Punch Productions and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Featuring music by Chad Cannon and Bill Hemstapat, Music from Iki Island & Legends includes selections from Ghost of Tsushima's popular Iki Island and Legends expansions. This release includes a black LP housed in a beautiful gatefold jacket with a folded insert.


A1. The Tale of Clan Sakai
A2. Lightning in the Storm
A3. Sacred Medicine
A4. The Battle for Iki Island
A5. Eternal Blue Sky

B1. Ankhsar Khatun, The Eagle
B2. The Eagle's Curse
B3. The Legacy of Kazumasa Sakai
B4. May Your Death Benefit All Beings
B5. Forged in Blood
B6. The Forbidden Ritual
B7. Sukhbataar's Revenge
B8. Oni of the Void

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